Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'm Tired

You know what makes me sad? A lot of things. But one in particular right now is when big corporate officials are douche bags and make things unfair so they make money. It's driving me nuts right now. Right now as in this very moment. As I'm typing...

Another thing that makes me tired is trying to do homework but am falling asleep.

On a happier note,

This is the last week of term coming up. Just five more school days until a two week break. There are a few things I plan to get done. One, a massive clean up of my room. And two, lots of studying (hurrah).

But it also means time to watch a movie and more television in general. Ever since we got Sky back, I feel like someone's always watching television when I want to. I just want to sit down, hog the remote and watch as much Doctor Who and Rom Com movies and I want. Please.

Sometimes I get confused between coming up with new ideas to improve living conditions or just plain ole complaining. Like sometimes I sit and ponder on all the different ways that exams can be assessed in (for want of a better word) better way. But then I also think, if you spent that time doing actual studies to pass the exams that are assessed in the current way, maybe that'll be better.

And then I go on to think of all those important figures of human history and how their challenging thinking and fresh perspective of life changed society.

And then I realise that I've allowed myself enough internet fun and should back to my physics homework.

Goodbye! :D

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