Sunday, October 16, 2011

Late Night Writing (blog reflection time)

It's nearly midnight so I brushed my teeth and washed my face - getting ready for bed. Just after I applied my night moisturiser, I felt so... awake! I was going to read a book in bed to make me feel sleepy but I thought by the time I did feel sleepy, I'd be too tired to stand up and turn the light off. So instead, I turned the light off, reached for the laptop and now here we are. Midnight blogging in the dark.

I don't know why I find it so enjoyable but sitting here typing feels nice. I just want to type. Something. Anything. Which may mean a boring piece for you, reader. Sorry.

Last year, blogging to me felt like writing in a journal. I'd type whatever is on my mind whether it be long, short, interesting or just one sentence. was a place where I could put my thoughts on screen and somehow make them official. It was a really personal space.

Now however (as low as the number is), people read my blog. Actual people. Since having real-time post updates on facebook, all my fb friends who didn't use blogger could still get live feed on when I uploaded posts. Which then made my blog a bit less private.

I've noticed that as this year has progressed, I've become more audience friendly (I think) and I'm starting to be aware that the stuff I write (nonsensical or not) was going to be read. So I became more sharing and show-y and tell-y. A place where I get a message across or tell you about my life.

Which I find weird (which is weird because it's all me so why am I surprised?). I've contemplating removing that automatic facebook update and retreat back to being a semi-secret blogger but I've noticed that one or two really good friends of mine have enjoyed a lot of my posts and they only access it through fb. So I decided to leave that automatic update.

Coming to a close on this rambling of mine, I'm coming to terms to the fact that my blog may be becoming less "journal-y" and more "hey-guys-I-have-something-to-tell-you-y". But  maybe every so often I'll spill my guts here when I absolutely want to (and maybe not post it on fb) ;)

Also also also, thank you for taking the time to read this. How very nice (or nosey) of you :P


  1. I can relate to this Laura. When i started my blog 2 years ago, i was talking to myself. It was a journal and I never had to worry about 'what will people think...will this make anybody mad at me...will somebody tell my mum about

    Now, things are different. People have joined me on my blogging journey and I do enjoy the feedback and knowing Im not talking to myself. BUT ( a big but) it also means that I my writing is not as free flowing as it used to be. I worry what people will think and Ive even had to remove posts a few times because Ive let loose about a topic thats really bugging me and then i freak out about hate reactions. Also, I blog about my children ALOT. Which was fine when nobody was reading it. BUt now, my teenagers friends read my blog - so i cant complain about them or talk about their girlfriends anymore!

    I enjoy reading your blog by the way. There arent enough young Pacific women writing/blogging. Keep it up.

  2. LOL @ your children's friends reading your blog! I wonder how I'd feel if mum blogged. I actually can't imagine her doing it. lol

    Mutual feelings for the win! lol
    I always have those feelings right - about my family members (my sisters in particular) reading my thoughts. And it's hard trying not to worry about being judged and all.

    But I love writing and reading blogs (yours in particular).

  3. Well I love your blog, journal writing or just 'hey-guys-I-have-something-to-tell-you. Although I probably am one of those who are the 'nosey' followers who read anything you write ;)

    PS. I think all of my blog posts are midnight posts. I should work on writing during the day. And can I add, if you want it to be more private, just tell those particular friends to make a blogger account. I'm sure they (like me) will do it just to be more nosey haha. Just because we care :)

  4. You're like one of a [small] handful of readers who seem to like every post (which is a real booster!).

    Nosey, faithful - what's the difference right? Hahaha