Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Friends

If you've followed my blog since last year or read my posts in my archive, you would've read this post. If you haven't, it was basically a post about friends and how I didn't have many. Now I wasn't a loner who no one talked to. I just had many acquaintances who I didn't consider as friends. My lack of friends caused me to be slightly clingy to particular people (ok fine - person) who I then got all attached to; and not in a good healthy platonic way. Yeah.... you know.... the other kind.

BUUUT that is not what I want to draw your attention to (goodness no). What I DO want to highlight is the amount of friends I have now. You see, last year, I created this mental criteria of what it means to be a friend. I cataloged the people I knew into friends, acquaintances, family and others.

Since then, I have broadened my definition. There was something someone said to me and he only mentioned it in passing but I never forgot. He said that though we were not close friends, we were still friends. Which got me thinking...

Friendship is a continuous variable. There are different levels of closeness (so to speak). I don't really know how to explain, but I consider a heap of people my friends now. I think I have lots of friends. Who I like very much and who make me happy - and I hope I do the same for them.

There are people who I've gotten to know more this year after knowing them for a long while before. But yeah, here's a shout out to all my friends.

All five billion of you ;)


  1. Well I'm glad to be one of the five billion :) It's funny, I was just talking to Sandra about this on Tuesday. Like how we only became 'real' friends this year. Not that I'm putting a label on it.

    PS. To me you are a friend. Not just an acquaintance. I hope you can say the same :P