Saturday, October 8, 2011

Study Break

Today is a Saturday and the first day of our two-week holiday study break. Boy I'm glad that there's no school for two weeks. However, this relief is tainted with the prospect of two weeks of studying for end-of-year-exams. Five exams with three or four papers in each.

But I will stay positive - set daily goals of what needs to done and not think of it as dull and feet dragging. *mental note to blog about learning*

So to enter this two week study break, I'll be positive and determined. Here are study-friendly things I do to make studying a little more bearable. Note: it might not work for you - it's just my thang.

1. Make a study playlist. I know everyone's different but I and a large number of the human race like working to music. So I like to compile a music playlist. When I'm working on math or physics, I can listen to pretty much any music. The lyrics don't distract me from working with numbers. However, studying for other subjects is difficult with lyrics so I like to listen to orchestral music from movies. Favourites include Dr Who, LOTR, Lion King and the Muse song with the long "E" word in the title.

2. Work in a clean environment. Clean and neat. Also quite. Having a cluttered and noisy environment is distracting. Being in a tidy room helps focus my mind to my work.

3. Do past exams. It'll highlight what you don't know and what you need to study more on. Study the stuff you have to and try another paper. Repeat till you're confident with answering all the questions.

4. Do fun things in the day. Keep your life and don't pressure yourself too much. Work but don't overwhelm yourself. There's gotta be a balance no work is as uneffective as too much work that gets too much that you won't be able to remember anything come the exam.

5. Oh and also study groups are helpful. But that depends on the person. You'll know whether you're the type of person that'll just hang out with the 'study group' and not do any work.

6. GET OFF MY BLOGSPOT AND FACEBOOK. It helps - believe it or not.

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