Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lip Service

I almost always feel weird about giving advice. I'm always weary of sounding like I'm paying lip service, while trying not to come across as a stuck-up douche. What I end up doing is removing the emotion from my voice to try and avoid sounding condescending. And then after I've spoken I realise that I sounded like I didn't actually care. So it's always an uncomfortable situation for me. Then again, it's not about me. Great, now I just sound like I think "woe is me despite your feeling of hopelessness".

So if I ever offer words of wisdom please know it's extremely difficult for me and that I DO care enough to try and get the message across as loving and sincerely as possible.

Another problem about my problem is that I then judge other people's advice-giving and wonder if they mean what they're saying. In my head, their lack of struggle that I go through proves how seamless and indifferent they must be.

Because, tbh, I don't really like cheesy cliche advice. Especially (and I cringe as I write this...) from Christians. They mean well (lol, I say "they" like I'm not one) but sometimes I'm just so intolerant of hearing the same lines repeated over and over. It gets tiring and often sounds like they're just quoting someone else's words absent-minded-ly.

I was going to post this after really praying about it. But I wanted to get my raw thinking down. Just. Yeah.

This is going to sound very contradictory (because it is), but if you have any words of wisdom, I'd appreciate them. Because as I was writing this, I've been feeling God tell me that it's not right to just shut people's words out because you've heard them before. I feel like this wall I have against people can be broken down if I let them keep talking.

So, with a doubtful heart, I don't want to shut out words of advice completely. Because I think that's the enemy's weapon against me. If I shut out all the good words, then only the bad ones filter in.

It's hard. Extremely. So hopefully by putting it out there and making it known, (to all five of you), we can beat it. Yeah?


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Accidently Posted It Without A Title

If you are a faithful reader of mine, you may have noticed that before my last two posts, there was a bit of a gap where nothing was churned out of this blogging mill. The explanation for that was because I was doing a 21 Day Fast from blogger and YouTube which to me are kinda the same thing in the sense that I read/watch people talk about stuff and their lives. Yeah, I could spend hours reading and watching people talk about their lives I neglect mine.

So after 21 days of being cut off my internet friends, I logged back on and I didn't feel anything spectacular. During those 21 days I learned to live without needing to hear/read other people's words to feel like I have company. I didn't realise how much I DIDN'T need those people to be my company.

I don't even enjoy some of the blogs/YouTubers that much anymore. It's like I just liked their content because it was produced by a familiar person. Like I was being a supportive reader/viewer by liking their stuff just because it's them. And so I'm going through a unfollowing/unsubscribing stage where I just chip off the stuff I only sorta kinda like once and keep the stuff I legit like consistently.

I actually hung out with God more and saw how much I replaced him with my internet friends.

Well, that was going to be an introduction to another topic but I think I'll post it as a separate post because this has enough content as is. K thanks.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Role Models

Lots of people complain about certain celebrities and how they're bad role models to children or young people. I mean, I guess that's alright... But THEN they say how that celebrity should become a better role model.

Dear concerned parent or other random citizen with no children,
How about just NOT looking up to those people as role model. If you have the authority to, how about not allowing Hannah Montana in the house if you're children think Miley Cyrus and Hannah are the same person and don't think she's fit enough to be your child's inspiration.

Famous people have free will and they have the right to be whoever they wanna be. They're not property of the public. Well, they kinda are to us but that's because we make them. They are they're own people ya know.

I don't really think this has a good structure but whatevs.

Oh and some people think Bella is a bad role model to girls in regard to their perception on relationships. Yeah she's needy and gets bruises from him but how about just don't read Twilight/watch the movies?

Or get better role models. Not famous people. Real people who you know go through crap and come out a better person. How about those people?

Btw, this is a bit a ranty blog so I'm not in a good place to accept any rebuttal. Maybe in a week you can say if you disagree. Just not now k? Thanks.

Monday, November 21, 2011

No More School

Warning: don't read if you still have exams on. You might feel worse....

So I've just had my last exam for the year this morning and MAN it feels good to know that these next lots of weeks is mine to spend without school taking up about 6 hours a day, 5 times a week. Plus I get to sleep in and stay up (without paying for it the next morning).

Stress-level-wise, I don't feel all that relieved because during the exams, I wasn't all that stressful anyway. Which is very VERY odd for a usually panic maniac like me. But seriously, every exam has come and gone without me studying into ridiculous hours. I was confident with my what I knew and when I DID study (I did!!), I felt like they were telling me what I already knew.

Which kinda made me feel like I wasn't trying enough sometimes. Well, let's just wait for my results to see how good I actually was...

I'm really excited about all this spare time. I'll probably clean my room, make it prettier somehow and do some more baking hopefully.

Yay summer holidays!

Friday, November 4, 2011

It's Not Over Yet

Today was our Year 11 & 12 combined prizegiving. There was lots of excitement, congratulations, proud moments, and taking photos together. Lots of smiles, lots of hugging, lots of love. Even spending time with friends afterwards.

But now that it's the end of the day and I'm slowly falling from cloud nine. Exams are just around the corner and studying needs to get done.

It's not quite over yet folks! Just a few more weeks of this hard working business before reaching the light at the end of the tunnel. This was just a pit stop.

It ain't over till it's over! :)

One more congratulations to everyone who received prizes!