Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Accidently Posted It Without A Title

If you are a faithful reader of mine, you may have noticed that before my last two posts, there was a bit of a gap where nothing was churned out of this blogging mill. The explanation for that was because I was doing a 21 Day Fast from blogger and YouTube which to me are kinda the same thing in the sense that I read/watch people talk about stuff and their lives. Yeah, I could spend hours reading and watching people talk about their lives I neglect mine.

So after 21 days of being cut off my internet friends, I logged back on and I didn't feel anything spectacular. During those 21 days I learned to live without needing to hear/read other people's words to feel like I have company. I didn't realise how much I DIDN'T need those people to be my company.

I don't even enjoy some of the blogs/YouTubers that much anymore. It's like I just liked their content because it was produced by a familiar person. Like I was being a supportive reader/viewer by liking their stuff just because it's them. And so I'm going through a unfollowing/unsubscribing stage where I just chip off the stuff I only sorta kinda like once and keep the stuff I legit like consistently.

I actually hung out with God more and saw how much I replaced him with my internet friends.

Well, that was going to be an introduction to another topic but I think I'll post it as a separate post because this has enough content as is. K thanks.

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