Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lip Service

I almost always feel weird about giving advice. I'm always weary of sounding like I'm paying lip service, while trying not to come across as a stuck-up douche. What I end up doing is removing the emotion from my voice to try and avoid sounding condescending. And then after I've spoken I realise that I sounded like I didn't actually care. So it's always an uncomfortable situation for me. Then again, it's not about me. Great, now I just sound like I think "woe is me despite your feeling of hopelessness".

So if I ever offer words of wisdom please know it's extremely difficult for me and that I DO care enough to try and get the message across as loving and sincerely as possible.

Another problem about my problem is that I then judge other people's advice-giving and wonder if they mean what they're saying. In my head, their lack of struggle that I go through proves how seamless and indifferent they must be.

Because, tbh, I don't really like cheesy cliche advice. Especially (and I cringe as I write this...) from Christians. They mean well (lol, I say "they" like I'm not one) but sometimes I'm just so intolerant of hearing the same lines repeated over and over. It gets tiring and often sounds like they're just quoting someone else's words absent-minded-ly.

I was going to post this after really praying about it. But I wanted to get my raw thinking down. Just. Yeah.

This is going to sound very contradictory (because it is), but if you have any words of wisdom, I'd appreciate them. Because as I was writing this, I've been feeling God tell me that it's not right to just shut people's words out because you've heard them before. I feel like this wall I have against people can be broken down if I let them keep talking.

So, with a doubtful heart, I don't want to shut out words of advice completely. Because I think that's the enemy's weapon against me. If I shut out all the good words, then only the bad ones filter in.

It's hard. Extremely. So hopefully by putting it out there and making it known, (to all five of you), we can beat it. Yeah?


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