Monday, November 21, 2011

No More School

Warning: don't read if you still have exams on. You might feel worse....

So I've just had my last exam for the year this morning and MAN it feels good to know that these next lots of weeks is mine to spend without school taking up about 6 hours a day, 5 times a week. Plus I get to sleep in and stay up (without paying for it the next morning).

Stress-level-wise, I don't feel all that relieved because during the exams, I wasn't all that stressful anyway. Which is very VERY odd for a usually panic maniac like me. But seriously, every exam has come and gone without me studying into ridiculous hours. I was confident with my what I knew and when I DID study (I did!!), I felt like they were telling me what I already knew.

Which kinda made me feel like I wasn't trying enough sometimes. Well, let's just wait for my results to see how good I actually was...

I'm really excited about all this spare time. I'll probably clean my room, make it prettier somehow and do some more baking hopefully.

Yay summer holidays!


  1. You are mean. (Yes I read the 'warning' sign but still, you are mean for posting And yay for baking!!

  2. YAY for baking!!! When me and Lali perfect our gingerbread recipe, I'll send it through :)

  3. Oh, and yay for finishing exams and having free time at your disposal. I'm extremely jealous!

  4. Yes to that gingerbread recipe once perfected. I just take your polished recipes and wow my friends. Thanks!