Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Role Models

Lots of people complain about certain celebrities and how they're bad role models to children or young people. I mean, I guess that's alright... But THEN they say how that celebrity should become a better role model.

Dear concerned parent or other random citizen with no children,
How about just NOT looking up to those people as role model. If you have the authority to, how about not allowing Hannah Montana in the house if you're children think Miley Cyrus and Hannah are the same person and don't think she's fit enough to be your child's inspiration.

Famous people have free will and they have the right to be whoever they wanna be. They're not property of the public. Well, they kinda are to us but that's because we make them. They are they're own people ya know.

I don't really think this has a good structure but whatevs.

Oh and some people think Bella is a bad role model to girls in regard to their perception on relationships. Yeah she's needy and gets bruises from him but how about just don't read Twilight/watch the movies?

Or get better role models. Not famous people. Real people who you know go through crap and come out a better person. How about those people?

Btw, this is a bit a ranty blog so I'm not in a good place to accept any rebuttal. Maybe in a week you can say if you disagree. Just not now k? Thanks.


  1. It's a good think you put that last paragraph in! I'll leave bruisy Bella alone ... for now :D

    But yea, totes magotes agree on complaining idiots. Uh, hello! How about YOU role model for your kids?

  2. I tried so hard to keep the words "stupid" and "idiot" out of my blog! LOL