Friday, December 30, 2011

About Blogs

It's New Year's Eve's Eve and I went through this year's blog posts and although I didn't go through all of them (I only got up to May). Most of the blogs seem pretty dry to me now but the two posts I liked were:

"I Really Really Like This"
"The Mayonaise Jar And Two Cups Of Coffee"

I think my style of writing has changed, the feel of my words etc. I've started following way more blogs and reading all the different ones inspire me blog better. I see what each blogger does best and try to adopt that technique as my own. My favourite part about blogging this year was finding and following Samoan bloggers. A little community of Samoan women (mostly) who follow each other. I love it. Just love it. A bunch of bloggers who have left the motherland and are scattered across this giant planet are still holding their culture and love for Samoa close to them. It's been very refreshing reading from these women as opposed to all the little Palagi's I follow. Hehe.

And also meeting the Queen Of The Samoan Blogging Sisterhood (no? Not gonna catch on?) herself - Lani Wendt Young this year is a blogging highlight I can't forget!! (Although, she's probably known better for being the author of the amazing novel - Telesa rather than author of Sleepless In Samoa. lol).

A shout out to all four of you followers who I don't know in person and legit like my blogs and aren't pity following me because you know me.

And thanks to you real life friends and family for making up my followers numbers and making me feel like I'm writing to more than myself :)

<3 <3 <3 Laura


  1. Good on you Laura! As I may have mentioned before, you have a great writing style. You are one blogger who has inspired me to start blogging as well as Lani Wendt Young and Panipopo from Panipopo's Kitchen. Hope you have a wonderful New Year's celebration and look forward to your posts in 2012.

  2. I have to all but wonder if I'm one of the "little Palagi's" you follow :P hahaha. But, I can truly say I love reading your blog posts. They are so honest and awesome and cliche I know but they are sometimes just what I need to hear or just good for a laugh :P Thanks for being a blogger Laura :)

  3. It was an honor - and a huge pleasure to meet YOU at the Auck launch Laura. I've been following your writing for almost a year now and like I mentioned to you that night, I admire so much that a young woman your age, would have the comittment and focus to start a blog...maintain a blog...and even set and aspire to blogging goals for herself. You are even able to step back and take a reflective/self analytical and critical approach to your own writing - so useful when trying to become an even better writer. So many people start blogs and so many blogs end up in that place where all blogs go to die! I enjoy your insights because you have a fresh ( and I dont mean fob fresh, lol) perspective on so many things. Im trying to write books for young adults and so I like being able to be your blogworld stalker and thus stay in tune with a voice that speaks of the far more 'youthful' generation. I look forward to the stories and....the novels you will surely write one day, very soon.
    Happy New Year, with much much more blogging adventures to come!

  4. Blinkin heck - do you see all the grammatical errors in that comment up there?! No wonder palagi's are reading my stories and saying "this writer writes like a speaker of english as a second language...she can't speak english properly..."
    please ignore all the mistakes. I will be gooder next time. I bromise

  5. Awww :) Guys, these comments melt my blogger heart :)

    billion thanks! :D