Friday, December 9, 2011

Change Is Hard

Facebook has, YouTube has, even Blogger (although, I did not adhere). Internet website IT worker people will always look for ways to "improve" their sites - new features, more user friendly and other techy things that they know how to improve.

However, we humans aren't very accepting when it comes to change. It rocks our cruising boat. We don't want to learn how to navigate a new interface. We like the stuff we know, stuff we can navigate absent mindedly. So when a certain website introduces the "timeline" layout - statuses burst with angry rants at the website administrators (who I'm sure saw the messages).

But you know what? If you really hated it, you'd leave. If not, you'll get over it. Remember when we were all on Bebo and there was an uproar when they upgraded? Well, that died down when we got used to it and realised we're not unadaptable bimbos and will not die because of the change.

I mean, I'm hesitant to accept the "timeline" feature and I'm just waiting until they force it upon me. But I know that once I find my feet, all will be well. Unless everyone leaves the site then I'll be left with no one and have to follow them to a new home.

Be strong, I know the "timeline" seems like an apocalypse, but we must be strong. Hold on to the hope that things will be okay. The point of facebook was to connect people right? Well, if we stay connected through this grueling transition, we will pull through. United we stand, divided we fall.

Kia Kaha.
Cheers :)


  1. The connectivity is the pro and con of the whole thing. No one wants to leave and disconnect themselves, yet everyone wants to leave to a possible greener pasture. I think I will disable my FB for a few weeks as a trial.

    Any change is hard, but it's made harder still when the change is dumb, i.e. a timeline where you have to look left then right then left again, as opposed to a timeline that is straight up -> down. Enhancements are good. Change for the sake of changing is annoying.

  2. "Change for the sake of changing is annoying."
    Hard out.

    I wonder if the masses will migrate..