Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I like to win. And by like, I mean, love. And it's not really the winning that I love but rather the NOT losing. I hate losing. Yeah, that's it. I find it very hard to deal with.

I'm a very proud person and being humbled in such a way as losing takes a hard knock on my pride. Which may be the reason why I'm so flippin' competitive. Now, I'm not competitive in physical activities because I just don't think I'll win. I mean, I'm not exactly a sport fanatic. I can do some physical activities for fun...

But what I AM good at are indoor sitting-down activities - like puzzles, charades, pictionary, board games etc. So I'm that arse that ruins the fun of the game because I so badly need to win. Winning's fun though, right? I wonder if there's a convention where competitive boardgamers gather and try to annihilate each other. Lots of hard feelings and no broken friendships.

There is ONE board game that I can play for pure fun is Cranium. All the little activities that make you interact with your team mates and watching the other team play and enjoy themselves really makes for a lot of fun. Play cranium. Do it. Do it.

Today I lost to scrabble and it crushed me. I think it's time to train and challenge for a re-match next year... Hmm.... yes, sounds like a plan.

Hi, I'm Laura, do you wanna play a board game with me? :)

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