Tuesday, December 20, 2011

First Day Of Christmas

I have no idea where the 12 Days Of Christmas come from or what that even means, but today has been the first day where I got slightly excited about Christmas.

I finished decorating the tree. I have no idea why, but it seems to be the silent rule at my house that I'm the one to do the tree. Odd. Ahh well, I've been doing little by little every day because I really wasn't feeling all the inspired to do it. But it's done and there are some presents underneath and I'm slowly feelin' the buzz.

What gets me excited about Christmas is being with my family. But this year, three of my sisters, my brother-in-law and niece won't be here and that just dulls things a little. For compensation though, there'll be a whole lot of cousins and aunties and uncles. I have no idea where everyone is gonna fit but I suppose we'll manage.

Every year for the past five-ish years, our family does secret santa. And I'm relieved that my person was fairly easy and I sincerely hope they love their present (because I sure do!).

This week will have more days of decorating and cleaning up the house a bit. I hope to make it not feel like such a chore.

Also, I tried to make my nails "Christmassy". The quality of the photo is really not good but my camera's battery died right after the photo of the tree was taken so I had to use the web-cam to take a photo of my nails. But you get the idea right?

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