Thursday, December 1, 2011

Friends In BEDD

Seeing as school is over, I have no plans virtually every day. So I decided to take on a project which I'm naming Blog Every Day Of December. I've seen vloggers do this so I thought I'd do the same with my blog.

And I'm making a note now that I intend on writing good content this month unlike some vloggers who upload videos talking about how they nothing to talk about but they upload it anyway because of their commitment. But that won't happen here.

Nek Minnit. One sentence blog.

Hopefully not. 

On that note, I better writing something other than an introduction eh?

I've blogged about this topic a few times before but my topic for today: Friends. And I'm not talking about the television show (although, I do like that show!). I've blogged about friends more than I have about the Biebs, nails, Paramore and Twilight (as you can see according to the sizes of the words on the right), and I'm just gonna make the "friends" just a lil' bit bigger.

I've made some new friends and gotten to know others a bit better this year. I used to not really like the thought of talking to more than say, two or three of my friends. But this year, I've branched out a lil' more and have enjoyed a good handful of friendships. Some more intimate than others (not like that!) but all were valuable.

At our lifegroup on Tueday night, we were asked what the highlight of our year has been. And I couldn't pin-point one thing. I've had so many good times this year but what I remember more than the activity itself were those who I enjoyed it with. 

Church and school are pretty much my only sources of friends (since quitting Girls Brigade) so although that may not seem like a huge population, it's heaps to me. My circles of friends have expanded and I'm so very appreciative of them.

So if you're reading this and you're my friend, I just wanna say I like you. And thanks for being my friend. And if you're not, then why the hell not? I'm a catch!

Yeah, who wouldn't wanna befriend someone who says pretentious like that? Well, at least I can back it up.

Oooh! She said that!
hahaha now I'm just having fun writing things I wouldn't say in real life because it's what I secretly think that but am not brave enough to admit it.

....that awkward moment when you think I'm serious and look at me differently.....


  1. You are pretty cute.hahaha. I may just join you in your blogging project. Maybe. We'll see how it Yay December!!

  2. Hahahahahaha a part from the whole post, my favourite part was the last six lines. Love it and you!