Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Good Day

One thing can ruin an (almost) perfectly good day. Just one thing. It can be small, it can be big, but if you let it, it'll make you forget about all the good stuff. 

So this is me remembering all the good stuff and telling that bad thing to bugger off because I won't let it make today a bad day. 

1) Watching the niece being cute and capturing evidence her cuteness

2) Going to the Auckland Telesa Book Launch. Meeting Sleepless in her physical form was so cool. Kiki's dance was enchanting. The poem reading was amazing and the refreshments were really flash. And meeting Sleepless was so cool! 

It's her! The real her!
Kiki duin' her dance beautifully

Signing my sister's copy. 

3) Hanging out at youth for the last time this year. After two intense team games, it was just sitting around, eating and chilling. I have nothing to do now on Tuesday nights....

Hardcore football discussion while Joel sits on the side trying not to be bored
Me and Aimee's first photo together. I didn't upload it on  fb ;)

In conclusion Laura, you have had a lovely day and you shall remember the good from it. The good conversations and the fun company.


  1. I was just going to ask you how that book signing thingy went.lol.Ooh and I actually like (some of) these photos.

    PS. Your niece- Peanut, right? is soooooo adorable. Like she is just so cute :)

    PPS. You are pretty. I like your hair.

  2. Meeting you and Donna was a highlight of the launch for me, Laura. Thank you so much for supporting the Telesa book and for always making the blogger world a better, more interesting and fun place to hang out. I wish I could immortalize the donuts and Diet Coke somehow - bestest book launch present ever!