Friday, December 23, 2011

I Feel Better

Being away from home for ages makes me very homesick. And by ages, I mean more than 4 hours. So I got home at about 11pm I'm really tired. Things annoyed me asap when I got home. One of the things being my messy room. I was being irrational, I know.

I lay in bed for a while lying in my distress about to cry (dramatic much?). But one thing I really don't like is whinging. I'm so impatient when it comes to whingers. However, I'm one of the biggest whingers I know so I was not only on the verge of tears, I was mad at myself for acting like a lil' brat.

So another more level-headed part of me told myself to stop. Just stop. Stop whinging, stop being mad at myself, stop being mad at the world and get up. Physically get up from the horizontal position and go and shower. It seems simple enough but boy that was a very hard thing to do.

When one is upset, one simply wants to lay in thy self's pity and wait for time to pass and hopefully takes one's pains away. But this was not the time for that. This was the time to slap one's self in the face and tell one's self to help thy very self.

And so I got up and showered. The shower provided the remedy like I knew it would. So with my clean self, clean hair, fresh face and brushed teeth. One can sit here blogging with a towel wrapped around her head and an ie sulu 'ao'ao and be calm.

I think I'll sleep sound tonight - even if it is in a messy room...

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  1. I hate coming home to a messy house. Even if i left the house messy, i still hav this irrational hope/desire that i will come home and BANG it will be clean and tidy. Im not very nice when i get home to a messy house. Darren likes to remind me BEFORE we walk inthe door "now remember, the important thing is that we went out and had a good time and that all the children are still alive. It doesnt matter if the house is messy!"