Saturday, December 17, 2011

If Tomorrow Never Comes

First of all, I just want to clear up that I have NOT been diagnosed with a terminal illness (or any illness for that matter) nor am I contemplating suicide. Just sayin'. Don't get freaked out. I'm not gonna die on purpose. (Unless I'm taking a bullet for you - cos I'd die for a brother. Peace wat!)

If I die in the near future of writing this, I'm just putting it out there to not mourn TOO much. It's natural to mourn over the death of a loved one. And it's worse the younger that loved one is.

But after you've dried your tears (there had better be tears) and you're ready to listen to reason, know that any future I had on earth does not even come close to what is in Heaven. The 21st that never happened, the university life I'd never experienced, the career that never flourished, the family that never was. Missing out on those amazing milestones is but a small sacrifice to what I'll be rewarded with. Know that I haven't disintegrated into nothingness in the vapour of the clouds in the sky. I'm living a full life - the human's innermost desperate desires, it's covered.

Don't wear black, don't stop your life. Don't give me a stressful funeral that cost billions of dollars you don't have. And the gravestone thingy better be affordable. I mean, you can splash out if you really wanna, or you can just not get one at all. You're gonna be the one's who live with it (lol pun). Do what you please - if it really pleases.

Cry because you'll miss me and we won't hang out for ages and you won't hear my crack up jokes. But don't cry for me (Argentina. You were thinking it!). Cos I'll be livin' it up. More than I ever could on Earth.

Know that what makes me happy is that you would reach the last morning stage asap. Know that you'll still have my blogs to keep reading if ya still wanna piece of me. Somebody knows my blogger password if you really wanna read my unpublished stuff (but only till I'm gone, please?).

I have not left any P.S I Love You styled stuff so what you see is what you get homies. Soz.

Peace owt homie!


  1. You have a real talent my darling Laura. P.S. If you die, I'll do some baking in your honour, then take the stupid cookies and throw them in the air... Like I just don't care! When really, we all know, I do.

  2. If you die, I'll hack your account and publish the unpublished stuff :)