Sunday, December 11, 2011


As animals, we humans have instincts. Instincts of hunger, self-preservation, sexual attraction etc. Some people get a thrill on acting upon these instincts. It's wild, it's spontaneous - you just do it.

But it's those who fight these instincts that really build character so strong and beautiful. Like, giving up your food for someone else even when you're really really hungry. Risking or giving up your life for a friend. Choosing fidelity when that pretty lad/lady gave you that look. Something my brother said about being angry (paraphrasing) - it doesn't matter that you are. What matters is what happens after.

It's the acts against instincts that make a hero, really. Someone who does not let their feelings control them. Someone who acknowledges what they're feeling but choosing not to act blindly on it. Harry, who walked into death willingly for the sake of his friends. The peeps from church who fasted stuff they really loved to hang out with God more. Those faithful spouses who have stayed true to their wedding vows.

I don't know about you, but there is something so beautiful about someone who becomes more than what their feelings dictate.

..... wow, this is much shorter than I anticipated.... huh....

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