Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Jessenator

When I started BEDD two days ago, I figured I'd use my holiday activities to share. However, I realised how mundane my activities are on a day-to-day basis. I mean, it suits me well - I love the quiet life. It just doesn't make for good blogging material.

However, one person who I usually share my mundane holiday activities is the brother. He is my favourite brother (and he may or may not be the only one). He makes stuff like washing the dishes and watching movies a billion times more enjoyable (esp. when the movie is the Matrix and we pause every now and then so he can fully explain to me what the heck everything means).

Things like frying eggs and eating fried eggs is so much better when we do it together (ew, did I just use that sentence?)He's the funniest male I know in person. Ever. Like, yeah. He's HILARIOUS. He makes the funniest jokes out of the stupidest concepts (and I take no part in that. Nope. Not me). He makes me laugh like no one does (because humour is too obscure).

And the old man is getting himself married next year and the thought both excites and saddens me. It'll mean he's grown up and being a adult and all away from his family. His new family will be Amy and his time is gonna primarily belong to him and her. Which kinda sucks for little sister me who pretty relies on him every day to entertain me.

So yeah, he's the coolest brother and I'm glad I'm related to him because if I weren't, I bet I'd wanna be his friend but he'll be too old and cool to hang out with a girl four years younger than him. So yuss! He's my friend by default - I don't have to try.

Some would say that talking about my brother is just a filler because I forgot about BEDD till now. Well you know what?! That.... is not entirely false. BUT I meant what I said and I said what I meant. And an elephant's faithful one hundred percent.

Jesse being this cool makes me hope that when Bubbles is a little older and likes conversing with me, I can be that cool older sister for her (I do think I'm her favourite sibling already).

P.S Jesse if you read this, don't get all awkward heart-felt-y on me in person. We reserve mush for blogs and fb messages only k? Cool bro.

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