Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Day Of BEDD

I've been attempting to Blog Every Day of December (hence, BEDD) and for the most part, I stuck true to this project. I missed some days and I tried to make up for it by posting twice the next day. And then there was one day I posted one too many posts. Then I missed another day which made up for that extra entry. And then I think I missed another day because I now have 30 posts over the 31 days. 

Although technically I failed, I don't feel like I have. Which is VERY contrary to my personality. I usually hate failure and am very bothered by it. But hey, no need to put one's personality in a box right?

That's one thing I've learnt this year. People have so many facet's to their character you can't just catagorise them. I've met lot's of people this year and spending time with people has been more enjoyable than my very-anti-social self anticipated. People who I had preconceptions proved to be much more than what I thought. 

I mean, yeah they had the qualities I expected, but they had and were so much more than that. People's characters shouldn't be defined or described in one small paragraph. But we amazing creatures known as human beings are so much more complicated, so much more fascinating, so much more. 

This is been a huge eye-opener for me as I am a huge catagoriser. I mentally slot people into groups that I think people call stereotypes (lol). I know that I do it, and I acknowledge that I should do it less but my sub-conscious does it so easily and it takes a lot of training of my brain to not do it. Hanging out with people more and forming really good friendships has helped with that. People who I've been acquainted with for years have become some really good friends.

And this revelation about humans has been an eye-opener about the big man upstairs. If humans are this multi-dimensional then just imagine God (well, you can't fully, but do it anyway). God telling me he's so much more than I already know of him. He's has so many more qualities, facets about Him that make him so much more beautiful than I know. I shouldn't box him up to what my 17-year-old can comprehend right now. 

So as 2011 ends, let's leave behind the disappoinments and take with us the lessons learned. We are much wiser to have lived through this year and let's all give ourselves a pat on our backs (or go crazy on baked goods) for living through another year. Thanks God, a lot, for making this year possible (literally). 

I'm not even going to proof-read this - I'm tired, it's humid and what the heck, it's the end of the year - cut me some slack :P

Peace out!
Laura Toailoa

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