Thursday, December 22, 2011

Life Life Life Life .... Sounds Like "Flyfe"

Things in this life do not last forever. Things break, people die, time moves on. Moments become memories and experiences become lessons learned.

We've all heard a saying along the lines of don't worry about the pain, it'll pass. Most of the time, I actually hold true to that. When something sucky happens, I can almost always be comforted by the fact that it'll pass. When some embarrassing happens, I tell myself how great of a story it'll be. When something good happens, I want to take lots of photos to remember it in the future.

I am very much aware that things don't last forever. My problem is, I also know that the good times don't last forvever either. So I never indulge myself too much during the good times because in my head, I know it'll pass. And that's not a great way to live. I know that in theory, but I still don't KNOW know it.

The thing I like about living is learning stuff. I know lots of lessons in theory. I know what I should or should not do. But don't you just love having an experience that actually opens your eyes to what you already knew? Like, actually seeing how much your parents love you, or how blessed you are to have good people in your life.

One lesson that I'm currently learning is to let go of what I cannot change. It'll only make me more miserable. I have some regrets that I keep going over in my head and imagining what I could've done differently and how I could be happier. There's nothing healthy or satisfying about thinking about that.

I have to accept it. Simple. But not easy. There are some things I've done that I've accepted and move forward from, so this thing hammering at my head should be treated likewise. Because that's just it. It's in my head. Nothing external is holding me back. The battle is in my head. And the bad will not win. I won't let it.

You shouldn't either.

This post has deviated from where I intended, but that's common amongst blogs right? .... Right?!

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  1. Hi Laura,
    you're a very wise young woman and that is rare nowadays. You're right, there's no use worrying about things we can't change or have no control over, all we can really change is ourselves, how we act and react to life. I enjoyed reading posts so I'm adding your blog to my blogroll. Keep blogging! Merry Christmas from A Samoan Woman.

  2. :D Thanks. I love your blogs too! lol