Friday, December 16, 2011


I missed a blog post the other day and this is the one to make up for it.

I love night time. Not to do with the moon or stars or anything, but night time is when I feel most... alive! It's highly likely that this is due to my bad sleeping patterns (or lack thereof) but I love being alive during the night.

Night time is when I want to do chores more often. I love cleaning my room in the late hours of the night, or washing the dishes, or re-organising my things.

Night time is when I have the most blog ideas. It's when my mind just thinks and thinks and thinks and thinks.

Night time is when I can talk to God. Not just talk, but listen too.

Night time is when I like watching movies or Doctor Who.

Night time is when I like to make lists of what I need to do/buy.

Night time is the best time of the day.

When my cousin lived with us, we used to be nocturnal all the time. One night, we just sat on the swing chair outside till 6 in the morning.

The day time is too loud, too busy to want to do things.

I like night time when everyone's sleep, my world has gone quiet and I'm able to go about my business without being disturbed.

So yeah, I like night time.

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