Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rules Are Made To Be Broken

...well, I do not actually live by that, but it makes for a catchy blog title. I've accidentally written one too many blogs and now I'm just confused. Now the rest of my blog will have nothing to do with the title.

I've finished watching a film and one of the characters was an old man who was a writer for Hollywood films. He'd talk about the golden days and how there were no blockbusters, or special effects team, or box office tallies rolling in every day etc. And that got me thinking.

No I wasn't alive back in Hollywood's early years and I haven't a fully educated opinion on it, but from what I gather, actors and actresses were like artists. The moving pictures were their art. They were respected. They were respectable.

But now what? What happened to them? I think, nothing. Well, not much. I think most Hollywood actors and actresses still take their profession seriously. They still consider their work art. But it's us who are changing them. The media sticks their nose into their private lives and we pay to read it, watch it and know more. We exploit movie stars, television and reality stars (although, the reality stars are kinda asking for it, so let's rule them out).

We see people on screen playing a character we so admire in a story we absolutely love and we somehow think that gives us the right to delve into their private life to know more about them? Their dating, marriage and divorce. Their meltdown, their arrest, their rehabilitation. Their outfit for the day, the places they eat etc etc etc etc. It's like the 2 hour film was not enough for us and we just need a fix from them once more.

Or is it just me?..... I've made a point to do it less and less until not at all. I don't want to hear about what their nights out and if they got absolutely smashed. I want to watch their work and hear them in interviews if they want to speak. But no more spying on them through the media.

On a kind of related note, what is it about English actors and actresses that make me like them a whole lot more than others? It's not just the accent - it's what they say. I just love it.

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