Friday, December 16, 2011

Today Was Not A Fairytale

I'm on a mission to Blog Every Day in December (BEDD) but I missed on the day before yesterday so I planned to do TWO yesterday to make up for it but I struggled. I had to wait till a computer was available but the few times it was, I had nothing to say. So now it's 1:05am and everyone is asleep and I've finished a day, I have something to write, finally.

I woke up today at around 8:00am which, if you knew me was a big thing. During the holidays, I tend to wake up much, much later. Because I started the day so early (by my standards) the day seemed longer, and frankly, it felt like time dragged it's lazy feet along.

I regretted waking up so early. Perhaps if the weather was a bit more activity friendly, I would've done stuff like do my washing, walk to the park, walk to Clendon shopping centre etc. I felt like I wasn't missing out on much and I'd better off being asleep.

I went to the mall to buy my secret santa person's present and MAN finding a parking space was intense. So many cars prowling around looking for shoppers leaving the mall to pounce on. The mall had a lot of people in it and the shops felt very crowded. At least I found what I was looking for and time spent there was only an hour. Time flies when you're scouting the Chinese stores for decorating stuffs.

I'm really tired and I'm getting up fairly early tomorrow to ice the cupcakes that need to be taken to a birthday and I don't know when he party starts so I want to have them prepared asap. Okay. Yes.

I'm glad the day is over, but I also kinda regret for not trying to make the day better. I let the weather influence my mood too much. Better effort tomorrow yes? Yes.


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