Sunday, December 4, 2011

Where Did The Time Go?

Bad time management is the reason for my very late upload of a blog for BEDD. Bad time management means, even though I really have to pee, I have 15 minutes to publish something before the deadline and I don't wanna waste any precious time.

I was meant to bake mother a cake for her to take to work and I put it off to watch television and I only remembered now.

Being ill-prepared has made this project feel like a chore instead of fun (and it's only the fourth day). This whole BEDD thing was supposed to be a fun way to train up my commitment and time management. But I ruin the fun every time I'm being slack.

Oh hang on, here's something I did today, I made a pancake. A baked one. In a cake tin. So it's a pancake cake. Strawberry flavoured. Recipe given to me by my sister who is my source of good recipes (seriously people, if I've ever made you something delicious, it's really from her). She gives me the recipes that require minimal skill but deliver good stuff.

Have a look:

This was my favourite part

Before going into the oven
Bake till golden
That's how the recipe said to do it. And I always listen to the recipe.

Check out the size difference! Woahh...

Now I have to go make one for mum.... Bye! :)


  1. Ooh just in before the day ended. Lucky haha. I like your nails in those pics- awesome! And I also love your sister for those recipes of hers because they are pretty much what I use to!lol. Maybe we can make this one when you come over next?

  2. Far out, that looks good!! And that sister of yours, she sounds bloody amazing. Lol! I knew you'd appreciate that recipe :)