Friday, December 16, 2011

Woes Of A Poor Baker

Warning: I complain.

I always feel like I'm committing the greatest sin in life when I think of what if's.... I'm supposed to be thankful of what I have. And I am. But it's when I wanna do something fun and creative, my lack of disposable cash is just not up to scratch, and that saddens me.

For (a long) example, I want to bake all these beautiful treats I discover during web surfing, but alas, my resources are limited to flour, sugar, milk, and eggs (and sometimes, not even these). Butter is only bought if I need to bake something or if mum and dad take pity on me.  Amongst my friends, I'm one of the go-to people if anyone needs baking. So cupcakes and brownies are what I turn to. They're easy, require minimal ingredients and are quick to make.

But I'm getting tired of making the same ol' same ol'. I want to be excited again. I don't mind making stuff for other peeps, but I want that to be balanced out with a little fun for me. Discovering a new recipe excites me. But if it exceeds my resource list above, I drop out of cloud nine faster than I can devour a cupcake.

What if I just had a pantry full of exciting ingredients daring me to bake something new and adventurous. What if every week I tasted something I've never made before? What if I made more than just cupcakes and brownies all the time.

In saying that, I think I'm going to go make some shortbread now. It the easiest recipe I know, (it doesn't even need eggs) and I just feel like making something.

I don't care how pretty you are anymore, you're still just vanilla cupcakes to me!

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