Saturday, January 21, 2012

Being A Female

I have 13cents to my name which is the reason that I have forsaken my brows and 'stache (which the profesh peeps call 'upper lip'. But who are we kidding - it's a mo!). They grow fast and kinda thick. So I thought I should do something about it. Pull out what I can without completely messing it up so when I DO eventually go to the eyebrow waxing place at the mall, they will have enough to work with.

As I sat here plucking at one hair one at a time on my "upper lip", the skin slowly became more and more red and the pain increased when I wasn't careful enough. As I picked and plucked I thought to myself, "what the heck am I doing??!". Why am I putting myself through this pain? My biology is programmed to have hair grow there. Why fight against it? Men don't. Just us women who go through hell to look like cleaner versions of men.

I mean, I know the standard of women's appearance were higher than that of men's for centuries!! Way before Maybelline and Cover Girl and the modelling industry. I understand that it would probably take centuries more to change society's thinking.

If women groomed with as much effort as men did, the two sexes wouldn't look that much different. But as is stands, girls shave their legs and pretty much everywhere else, they even learn to do a "no-makeup makeup look". They tame the hair and smell nice. Men may not notice the amount of effort women put into looking the way they do but I bet you they will notice when they don't. And it's not just with makeup, but other maintenance stuffs (hair removal mainly).

I'm not that girl who's going to then say I'm gonna make a stand and not try to measure up to this standard. Because this is my standard and I don't have the balls to change them. So now that the redness on my skin has died down a bit, I shall resume my mundane task of trying to look less like the male version of our species.

Something Good About Today:
Singing Tarzan, Lion King (1 & 2) and other Disney movie songs with the cousins. Just put me in the mood for a Dinsey movie night....


  1. Great post Laura. Thanks for reminding me that I need to go and get my brows plucked before I start back at work next week. It's been a great, low-maintenance summer but the real world of working for the $$$ is just around the corner so must be 'presentable' before I go back. Sorry to go off-topic but I just wanted to let you know, I tried your cookie recipe last night - totally delicious!! My kids and my hips thank you for that amazing recipe lol

  2. Nice blog lawlaw! ;)

  3. @ReaderWriter - The things we do for social conventions... lol At least I have a long school skirt so the legs don't require that much attention during the school year.
    And yaay for success of the cookie recipe!!!! :D That trusty friend has been a faithful provider of calories for me... LOL!

    @Anonymous.... uh, thanks!! (why do I allow anonymous comments again??). LOL

  4. Good post Laws. So much of what you said I agree with, espesh how guys don't notice how much grooming girls actually do, they even regularly mock us for it. But if we were ever to stop, boy oh boy would it be a rude awakening for them! lol! They'll freak!
    But in saying all this, I admittedly am one of those girls that actually enjoys the process of "being a female". And I don't do it for any man (nope, not even my own) so I guess at the end of the day, I'm not too fussed that they don't really notice...