Saturday, January 21, 2012


The most hardworking man I know. And very selfless - he hates it when we splurge on him! He always wants what's best for his seven children and asks for very little back (just a cup of black coffee every now and then). He has his quirks that definitely make him one of a kind. He's very giving - even when there's not much to give and he's on a tight budget, he'll spot me some money just because. He's a man of few words but his actions speak loud of his big heart.

Happy Birthday Dad.

Ageing is definitely your friend.

Something good about today:
See above post. LOL Also, the house was fairly empty today and since there was just four of us at home, mum ordered pizza for dinner. This is a luxury we very seldom indulge in. Mmm.... spinach and feta pizza...


  1. A-to-the-men! Dad is the bomb diggity! Hearing how happy he was to hear Lali singing him happy birthday on the phone ... priceless.

    Wow, a nice even nuclear family number :) And spinach and feta pizza. I'm totally impressed!

    Definitely one of a kind. Why else would B wanna write his biography?

  2. Awww gaaardy Lali!!
    And yeah, it totes feels like a white family at the mo. We even had a whole pizza's worth of leftovers for luch today!! I'm. Amazed.