Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Don't Want To Go Back school.

But I have to because it's a thing that humans do to get educated and hopefully know enough stuff to qualify to get educated some more to know more stuff to hopefully know enough to use that knowledge and skill to earn money to make being alive as an adult not ridiculously difficult and boring.
(Hey long-unsophisticated-sentence-that-will-kill-English-teachers hey!)

I still don't want to go back. I've been on holiday since mid November which thinking about it now - is a LONG time considering my mum only had about two weeks in total during these holidays. But I'm not thinking about my two and a half months of forgetting everything I've learnt and just doing whatever. I'm thinking about the eight days I have left - two of them (next Tues and Wed) will be spent at school for stuff in preparation for the actual school year.

And it's not like I'm gutted to go back because I've been having such a blast these holidays... Most of my days consist of "nothing much", the internet and hanging out with my two cousins who live like, a minute's walk away. But I love the late nights and sleeping in. I LOVE it. But all things come to an end - especially the good things.

So I'll make a list of good things that school will do for me to distract me (even if momentarily) from the school work, assignments, tests and cold early mornings.

1. I get to see my friends!! :D These holidays, I've only hung out with three of my friends (I DO have more you know!) so I'm siked to see everyone else. I miss them so much!

2. Living everyday interacting with a lot of different humans might give me something interesting to blog about. Sitting at home everyday doing the same thing with the same people (although works for and deeply satisfies me) makes for uninteresting blog topics for people who are not us.

3. I am definitely am not the only teenager who doesn't look forward to this and there's something about mutual suckiness that makes suckiness less suck. A problem shared is a problem halved (or quartered or however many pieces there are depending on how many want to have a slice of your problem).

4.  One day when you're BIG AND STRONG..... YOU WILL BE A KIIING!!...... Oh wait, I'm not Kovu... But I have been on a Lion King 2 Buzz recently. I really really like it - maybe even more than the first one... (ducks from rotten tomatoes thrown by die-hard lovers of the first one).

Back to the original subject, it's my last year at high school so I better soak up as much of it as possible. I will miss it according to uni students I know. Apparently, the high school work load is like children's play compared to what university offers. This is is a year for last-time-I-do-this so let's make the last-time-you'll-have-a-first-day-back-at-school special, or at least, not sucky.

Something good about today:
At church tonight a friend of mine performed her poetry in a hip-hop kind of style. Very moving - I cried silent tears... I was very grateful for the dark auditorium...

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