Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Make My Own Rules

After doing BEDD last month, I find blogging harder. Now that there's nothing holding me responsible, I struggle to write.  I love writing blogs though. It's fun and stuff (I like writing "and stuff" at the end of sentences, even though there's no other stuff). I like the structure that rules provides. Barriers and code of conduct are amazing guides. So I'm starting a new blog project in the spirit of the New Year and everyone is on a positive high where everything is fresh, new and oh so possible. So every day for the rest of the month, I will post something good about each day.

Today, I was in a pretty terrible mood and a friend said to tell them just one good thing that happened that day. And I was too sad to think of anything. And without thinking of something good, how was I going to get away from thinking about bad things which just bring me down even more?

Unlike BEDD, these posts may be only one sentence or a whole story. But by highlighting the good in every day, having a bad day would be difficult - and that's good. 

Even though it's the early morning of the 7th of Jan, I haven't slept yet so I'll write something good that happened on the 6th....

My sister who lives in Wellington came up today with her husband and daughter!! YAY! *fireworks* *party poppers* *those things you blow and they unwrap out of a spiral* I haven't seen them in forevs and I missed them a lot. 

Also, I encourage you faithful few to comment and tell me something good about your day for each post you read (even if that day has past). Share the good stuff :)

Hmm... what shall I call this thing?

Umm... I'll go with Something Good About Every Day a.k.a SGAED. And I think I'd rather say the whole "Something Good About Every Day" name rather than saying the stupid sounding acronym.

Have a good day. Then write about it. That's the plan. 

Ia, fa.

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