Monday, January 9, 2012

Mental Blogging In Bed - Judging People

As I was trying to fall asleep, my ming started wandering around I did some mental blogging. I ended up forcing myself to get up to record these thoughts in the likelihood that come tomorrow, I would've forgotten everything...

When I watch movies or television shows, I always pick which characters I do and do not like and which ones I route for. Whether or not the bad guy and good guy are black and white, I try to decide for myself which character I think would have been a better person given different circumstances.

But the amount of information I have is very limited to know for sure what a person is like. SPOILER ALERT FOR HARRY POTTER (though seriously, if you still haven't read/watched the last book/movie, but would like to, you don't deserve a spoiler warning). Anyway, we find out in the end that Snape was in fact not a bad guy and was in fact one of and if not, the most loyal one to Dumbledore with [one of] the hardest job. All of sudden, he no longer just a sinister unsympathetic Death Eater, he's a heart-broken man and a victim of the deepest, strongest, unrequited love. Who did everything he could (which was ALOT) to honor that love. He was so brave, so strong.

Even though he was stink to Harry and every other student that wasn't Draco, it was easier now to not focus so much on that.

We see in real life people what they let us see. Nearly everyone has some sort of front they put up to hide what they really think/feel. We get judged by our actions from strangers because actions is all the evidence they have on our character. We do bad things, we get judged badly. Then there are the ones who've known us for longer who recognize our typical behavior and we grown accustomed to those people. And sometimes, we learn to tolerate it because it's the norm.

But there are those special people who know us really well. Who know what we really feel about things, who know our heart. Those people are the most sympathetic, the most patient, the most accepting out of the humans we know. They don't judge us merely but our actions because they not only see our actions, they see where they've stemmed from. They know our bad habits, our mistakes and they love us anyway. They forgive because they love.

Which got me thinking about God. He knows our character inside and out. He sees our thinking process and understands our reasoning of action. He knows when there's no reasoning at all and if it were merely recklessness. But only he knows for sure why we do what we do so only he can really fully make a sound judgement call about us. He knows everyone's life story and he's able to act accordingly. We only see in people what people let us see. God sees in people what's there.

I don't know where I was heading with this and it feels like it's unconcluded. I may have swerved off topic and for that I apologise. I'm fatigued and I shan't proofread this seemingly long post. I may delete it when I wake up if I read it tomorrow and dislike it. We'll see.

Okay, bye :)

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