Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year

Original title right?

After blogging nearly every day last month, I feel so free now not having to post a blog every day! Yess! I AM MY OWN MAN!!! *celebratory dance*

I told myself that I wouldn't set myself up for disappointment by not having an official new year's resolution. But during the end of last year and beginning of this year, I made mental notes on things I want to do this year without realizing that this is what people do when they mean make a new year's resolution. So I have a few:

- Get level 3 with excellence endorsement
- Join the school's Samoan dance group
- Eat mostly (or only) free range animals/eggs
- Eat healthy, maybe exercise to look hot for the brother's wedding near the end of the year (thank goodness it's far away).

Three negative thoughts that spring to mind asap about these four:

- I haven't even got my level 2 results from last year yet. What if I didn't as well as I thought I did? What if I didn't get level 2 endorsed?
- They practice like crazy! They go on for ages after school. Am I really willing to put in the required amount of energy, time and enthusiasm even when it becomes less fun and more work?
- Caged animals are affordable, I'm not Bill Gates niece or anything....

Okay, I need to balance it with four not negatives:

- No matter what results come in the mail, I'm gonna work to make THIS year's marks excellent (literally).
- People have a blast at PolyFest. Good times, new friends, it's what I hear. Just use this chance to try something fun and different - it's my last year at high school, let's do SOMETHING un-academic.
- Save lunch money to buy own stuff from supermarket - make own lunch. 'Tis a way to grow up a little.
- Umm... there are billions of blogs that could help me. Lol. (I can't believe that's all I could think of).


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  1. GO Laura! I love your resolutions. Can't wait to watch you at Polyfest :P Yes, I'll be there. And you'll look hot at the wedding either way man.