Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Niece's Cuteness

My sister and her baby (or toddler) lives with us and she's just the most adorable human living here. I love her enthusiasm for life and her cheeky grin and fobby tendencies (I say tendencies but it's really just all the time) and most of all (cos I'm needy), I like that she likes me. I don't generally seek the approval or affection from children but when it comes to her, I just really want to be liked by her.

I love cuddling her and kissing her marshmallow-soft cheeks and trying to piece her words together to make some sense of them (which, is getting easier cos she's improving on her communcation skills). She's very talkative and love loves LOVES to dance. "Siva Aunty Lawlaw, siva!".

I'm not a children person but this one, this one I like.

Her mother went out to the shops for about half an hour and after a while, the niece started getting a bit whiney and wanted her mother. She kept pointing to the front door and insisted that we go outside to go to her. I tried soothing her with words, toys and my sisters keyboard but she wouldn't have it. The lady wanted what she wanted and was not settling for any less.... or so I thought. I reached into the pantry and pulled out two chocolate drops. The size of chocolate chips but round. I put one in each hand and she knew immediately what to do with them.

She ate them fairly quickly and her big brown eyes expanded in awe. "Choc-lat aunty, one more, one more!". She started getting crazy loopy and jumping around and grabing my hands and spinning around. Who would've thought these little things would affect a 2-year-old this much?? It was like she was on crack (which, it probably is like for toddlers).

I don't really know where I was going with this story, I guess I just wanted to re-live her cute googly eyes and laughter.

Something good about today:
My very very good friend of mine gave me my Christmas present today - A DOCTOR WHO CALENDER!
I love Doctor Who AND calenders so this present took my breath away. I can't tell you how much I love this. And it's probably hard for you to comprehend how much this 17-year-old Samoan likes calenders.... but it's huge, trust me (I got one last Christmas too. lol). 

I just want to make plans now just to write on this bad-boy.


  1. I'm glad you like your calendar and good to see its been hung up :)

    PS. I'm sure giving a child chocolate to soothe her isn't the best idea but I'd probably do the same. Go Aunty Lawlaw!