Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First Day Back At School.... which then turns into a post about facebook... huh?

Happy first day of February! Gosh a whole month has past already...

So today was my first day back at school and it was so anticlimactic... I built up this expectation to what it would be like to sit in class and be around people. I imagined it to be an amazing day of reuniting with people and lots of holiday stories. But it was full of sup's, nothing-much's and yeah-the-holidays-went-by-so-quickly's. Today was a really relaxed day where everyone was just confirming their timetables and introduced to any changes made and blah blah blah.

Something I was taken by surprise by (which I shouldn't have I think...) is how much people talked while the teacher was talking. How annoying is that?! "Don't talk while the teacher talks" has been a school rule in every class of every school I've been to. WHY DO PEOPLE NOT DO THIS. Every time a teacher stands in front of the class to talk is to convey important messaged intended for our ears. Arrrghjkfhbcskljdbcflhesbcfcekrjbjhrfebcajvhbfc. *deep inhale* one...two...three *slowly exhale*

I also spent the day reciting to everyone what my subjects were at school. Which are:
English, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Just the basics really...

Although I woke up at 8am, I am SO tired. I slept at around midnight which is very early considering the times I slept at during the holidays. But I spent most of the day yawning (and passing it on to my friend who then passed it back to me and we just had a yawn fest... why are yawns contagious?!?!?!). But seeing the people in my class was the best part. After two and a half months of facebook interaction, it was cool to see everyone irl. Although I have noticed that hanging out irl is in some ways not that cool.

I'm not as funny irl as I am in text format. I seem more awkward and nervous interacting with 3D humans. Also, the thing about fb-ing people is that I can direct a funny comment to one person in particular and whoever ALSO finds it funny can like it and we form a little comment discussion with everyone who finds that thing funny. In real life though, when there's a group of people and you want to say something funny, you gotta appeal to the whole group which is hard.

Also, on fb, you're hanging out with everyone at the same time (given they're online). You jump from statuses to photos to timelines to videos to chat while interacting with everyone. You have multiple conversations that you can pull out of whenever you want. Now I know that makes me sound like fb gives me a way out of intimate interaction. But the thing is, not everyone who's a friend, is a close friend. So fb gives a way for acquaintances to still enjoy each other's friendship without having to invest so much time and energy. Okay, I don't think that made things any better. What I'm trying to say is that fb allows us to keep many friends that we wouldn't have otherwise. It allows us to have a fun connection even though we hardly talk irl.

Which is something people usually oppose but I like that my friends aren't limited to my close close friends. Cos I only have a handful of those. But fb allows me to cyber hang out with 237 people - even if it's just a photo comment or a status like once every season, there's still that connection there. Although, I am quite picky with my fb friends so I at least have to know them and talked to them more than five times to be added.

Wow this blog ended up in a whole new place than where I started. I put it down to my tiredness (honest to who there was no red squiggly line on the word "tiredness", I didn't know it was legit...). I'm trying to hard to fight against falling asleep in the next two hours cos every time I sleep before 10 I was up at around 2 or 3 as if it were a nap. Then I just stay up.... FOOOORRRREVVVVER......

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