Sunday, February 12, 2012

Swear Words

I'm not one to cuss frequently. In fact, not many people can say they've heard me do it (that time in the car didn't count!!! I didn't say it!!!). But I have before...

I usually cringe when I hear swear words. But not in EVERY instance. I have a friend who swears alot. She uses it as an adjective. She's says it so nonchalantly that I don't find it offensive (even when she does use it when she's angry). But apart from her and very few others (I think just one other person), a swear word is offensive coming out of real-life person's mouth. It's kinda stops me in my shoes and I'm just so taken back.

However, there is one instance where I prefer it. P!INK's song "Perfect" or rather, "F**king Perfect" is the only song where I prefer to listen to the unsensored version. That song is so powerful. It's like she's screaming at all the insecure girls that they ARE good enough. You know P!NK's aggressive voice - when she sings, she very well means it darnnit!! (unlike my words.... "darnnit"... lol!) Any sensored version just doesn't do the song justice - it kind of dilutes the power.

"Pretty pretty please, don't you ever ever feel like you're less than, less than perfect." not the same as....

"Pretty pretty please, don't you ever ever feel like you're less than, f**king perfect."

(I use asterisks cos this is a G-rated blog. lol)

It's like P!NK is begging, pleading then slapping girls in the face to open their eyes and tell them they're definitely worth the time of day and they best believe it! I get the television and radio have regulations that mean they have to sensor the song, but I myself prefer the gritty one. It's a raw, emotional song and I like it that way.

Mind you, I never sing it with the swear word - I just don't have it in me... That's a good thing right?

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