Monday, February 27, 2012

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things (Part Two)

(I posted a short list ages ago...)

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad. I simply remember my favourite things and then I don't feel..... sooooo bad....

Usually when I'm feeling like crap, all I can think of are things the annoy me because I can sense it so much stronger in this bad mood! It's like I've been turned into a Twilight vampire where my senses enhances like crazy! It's like everything in the world annoys me, I just didn't notice. But I don't want to do that... so following in Maria's footsteps, let's hope I feel better after writing this.....

When someone has a song that describes exactly what I think or how I feel. It's so nice to be able to sing along and express yourself through the means of someone else's art. There's a comfort that comes from someone understanding you exactly - without pity or even knowing. It's nice.

When guys cry. There's something so manly about letting the tears flow. Okay, there's obviously a point where TOO much crying becomes.... off putting (lol). But that one moment where the man just stands there, speaks and not try to hide the tears. It's just so beautiful. Call me sexist for thinking women crying is not as groundbreaking as men but meh, it's what I think....

When someone listens. Like, REALLY listening. There have been countless times where I've said something to someone and immediately after they reply with something TOTALLY unrelated as if they've just been eagerly waiting for me to shut up and open the floor up to them... It's so awkward for me... But when someone listens and replies and we build up the conversation from there... I don't know exactly... but it's so... okay, I don't have enough words stored in my vocabulary. It feels good. There. That's all I can come up with...

Happy endings.

New Girl. Friends. Homeland. Once Upon A Time.

Mum's homemade anything. She's Queen of making simply things divine!! Armed with garlic, onion, water and soy sauce, she's unstoppable!

Facebook likes. Call me shallow but they do give some kind of boost. Don't judge me!

Okay, that should suffice. I feel way better now :D I leave my dad's study with a brighter outlook on existence in general. Thank you Lord for being with me. Thank you reader for visiting this blog and thank you Dido. (lol, lame.)

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