Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Can't Focus

When I get a blog idea, I open a new tab, type in, log in, start writing then in the middle of it, I open another new tab because I've thought of something ELSE I wanted to do on the internet. Then once I've done that thing for like, 5 mins, I return to my blog tab and I've just forgotten what I was going to say.

Internet A.D.D? I think so.

I've exited the fb tab because I keep glancing at it in the middle of typing to see if there's a "(1)" there. Oh how that number warms my heart. I'm disgusting - I know. Don't judge me.

So today two All Black dudes and a Shortland Street guy came to our school. Well, there weren't for the WHOLE school. I think they were there to talk to students who play rugby...?? I don't know. Well they were THERE and there were girls screaming for/at them. I see it on movies all the time, girls screaming like wild animals, but to witness in REAL LIFE! - I didn't know people actually did that..... to All Blacks and Shortland St actors. Seriously, when was the last time anyone watched Shortland St? And when was the last time anyone talked about the All Blacks? I know when - the Rugby World Cup... then we didn't care about them that much.... well, that's the impression I got from fb.

Well, I'm grateful for their visit because that meant our Samoan Group practice was delayed because the teacher felt that such an occasion allowed for an exception. So I was able to get my calculus homework done so I didn't have to do it when I got home at around 8:30. So thank you Sonny Bill Williams and co. You're not ugly, but scream-worthy...? Hmmm.... well, maybe for the author of Telesa.

Also, I've "hidden" all the fb posts that flooded my news feed about their visit to the school. I couldn't stand it. I mean, it's kinda cute when girls are all like "omg so-and-so-famous is like so totally hot!" but multiply that by EVERY GIRL AT SCHOOL just makes it unbearable. Thank goodness you can "hide story".

What did I need to do tonight? Read about the subject we're currently studying in Bio, write an experiment discussion for physics and write balanced redox equations for chemistry. What did I do instead? Watch television, eat chocolate and paint my nails with my sister. Seriously, how do teachers work all day and night?! Superhumans man.

So, I have science homework to do, a shower to take, hair to wash and tame and sleep to finally get around to.

Goodnight world! :)


  1. I SAW THAT ! LOL Are you doggin on my very slight and passing fascination for SBW Ms Laura? How dare, haha. For the record can I just state that Im SOOOOOOO not impressed with him anymore. (since he has to date teenagers. Not that I have a problem with teenagers, just I now have doubts about his maturity level and intellect resorting to dating blonde children of his rugby player

    I shall make this comment anonymous to protect my guiltiness but you know who this is!

  2. I watched Shortland Street earlier tonight and I probably will tomorrow night but I draw the line at screaming for/at the actors lol.. Sonny Bill - the only time I want to see you on t.v is when you are fighting someone who can actually box - not someone ready for retirement!