Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Week Later...

This time last week I think we would've finished our performance with almost everyone about to or actually crying over the disappointment of our Polyfest performance. But I'll come back to that.

I'm so happy to have my afternoons and ESPECIALLY my Saturdays back. Practices were long and tiring and I'd never appreciate my free time so much! I loved waking up this morning at 10 something without worrying about getting to practice before 11am.

So, Polyfest was last week. It was... a rollercoaster. We arrived, grew excited, then nervous, then excited, then afterwards.... really bummed. Maybe we were too hard on ourselves, maybe we had ridiculous expectations, maybe we were too overwhelmed by the supporting crowd - they were LOUD!! So loud in fact, a lot of us missed our "tulolo" cue. I shudder at the memory... So many mistakes were made, mistakes that we all could not ignore... It was easy to forgive others for their mistakes but so hard for people (me included) to forgive their own mistakes. Everyone's spirits just dwindled.

That was, until we got second place! Everyone's mood changed drastically and life was breathed back into the group! We hugged, laughed and chanted "REWA". We remember the good in our performance and how beautiful everyone was.

So now I look back at the fond memories we shared. The billions of Doritos chip packets, the laughs, that feeling from getting the moves right, the laughs, the friendships made, the laughs, performing on stage and wowing our family and friends, the laughs. We're performing one last time at school in two weeks and I can't wait. One last time.

I love seeing some of the group around school and exchanging a 'sup' nod and a smile, or even a proper 'hello'. It's like when the Hobbits returned to The Shire and they all shared an understanding and an unforgettable journey that had so many ups and downs that changed their lives forever that no one else would ever understands. Yeah, it feels something like that. No one else really knows the physical and emotional pain the group went through. No one else really knows what it's like to spend hours in the school gym after a tiring day at school practicing with only about a fifteen minute total break. No one really knows how stressful the tutors, teacher and students got. No one really understands how hard it was to perform at a defeaning crowd, missing our cues, getting the wrong actions but still keep going with a smile plastered on our faces. No one really understands the tears that flowed when we thought we failed. No one really understands the triumph and absolute joy we felt we found out we didn't.

I miss seeing the group 6 times a week for hours on end. Thanks everyone for the memories. Thanks tutors for your brilliant choreography and songs. Thanks for not giving up on us when we gave you so many reasons to. Thank you Mrs So'oaemalelagi for holding us in a special part of your heart and for treating us with love and grace - it was not easy. Also, thanks for making me a leader. I both very shocked and quite pleased :D

Thanks everyone who watched and supported us. Thanks everyone who didn't watch and still supported us :)

Ua sau le itula
Talulu lima ma fa'atofa
A fai ua sipa o se malaga
Fa'amolemole, lafo i fogava'a. 

Prayer once we arrived
The guys' pre-show prayer

Beginning of sāsā

The leaders


  1. So glad you did Samoan Group this year Laws! A sense of camaraderie is something that's really lacking in most NZ high schools. If there's one thing that Polyfest does well, it's that it breathes life and school spirit into the drudgery of high school.
    And you guys were amaze! Next year first place! Rewa hard! :D

  2. Well done to you and your group on your Polyfest performance! Love your uniform too : ) I will look out for your school on Tagata Pasifika. Glad you had a great experience.

  3. Congratulations Laura! You look beautiful and I too love the uniform.

  4. Hi Laura,

    Thank you for sharing the photos of the Polyfest. It's always interesting to hear about different cultures, and to see people celebrating together. :)

    Also thank you for your support at Happy Snappy, much appreciated. :) We wish you good luck with your studies and possible future performances with the group!

    Springy greetings from Jaana in Finland and Kia in Scotland