Thursday, April 26, 2012


I love that moment when someone just.... GETS you. They understand what you mean even if you can't articulate it well and you're just comforted by the fact that you're not alone. There is such loneliness in feeling misunderstood and when you have a friend that makes you feel a little less like an alien, it's an awesome feeling.

I realise I shouldn't depend on my loneliness to be remedied solely by other people because people aren't perfect and they sooner or later fail you.... unintentionally most of the time. Even so, friends  have the ability to do that and it's such a wonderful gift.

I don't really notice how much I like my friends until I stop for a while and just think about just how much I appreciate our friendships. I know I've blogged quite a bit about friends - in general and about specific people - and yet still I have this overwhelming feeling of gratitude and happiness about them.

I hope that I'm giving as much as I'm receiving because well, I receive a lot.

Friends who you can be honest with, be yourself around - there's just an amazing feeling there. So many people feel alone in the world and I do too sometimes. But it never lasts. God has blessed me with such a variety of weird, funny, smart, kind, sarcastic, and nerdy people who in there own way brighten up my life.

I do hope the feeling is somewhat mutual and I'm not just a parasite feeding on their good nature.... lol

This would be incredibly hard for me to tell you in person and I would definitely stutter and make the situation awkward if I tried expressing this gratitude to you in person. However if this doesn't do for you, tell me in person and we can have a chat about how much I appreciate you... and if you do and we're acquaintances and don't know much about each other, expect a whole lotta awkward.

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