Friday, April 27, 2012

Mixing Business With Pleasure

One assignment we have for our English class is having to write a column piece on any subject of our choice. Free will of subject, add your opinion, write personal or others' experiences.... sounds a bit familiar....

Some of my friends considered it a bit of an advantage that I already write in that kind of style on a regular basis - on here. As much as I am excited about this assignment, I'm still very nervous about it because writing my thoughts, opinion and experiences is something I do for fun. It's my hobby. I love it. Writing with barely any structure, as many grammar errors as I please and it's length varying incredibly.

I'm afraid.

Of having something I love doing.... marked. Given a grade on.

It's like a teacher standing behind you examining your gaming skills and giving you a grade, or being marked on the quality of your fb statuses or the relevance or your tweets or being given a grade on how well you paint nails or whatever it is you love doing.

It's all fun and games until you get a flimsy Achieved mark or worse yet... Not Achieved.

My writing is so personal. It's not business at ALL. I take all criticisms to the heart.

I'm having such a hard time deciding on a topic to write on. I have one chance to write something good to see if I'm good at writing... Maybe I shouldn't get so emotionally affected by a school grade. Or maybe I shouldn't doubt my writing...? Maybe.


  1. write about Dr Who!
    From Daniel

  2. Have faith in your writing skills :)

  3. hey laws, have you finished this assignment? i know what you mean, thats why i had a love/hate relationship with English in high school - i loved what we read and learnt, i hated how someone else could mark my work and tell me my thoughts were not 100% when hello, they're MY thoughts so if you want it to be 100% according to you why don't you write the bloody essay! lol! so yeah, i still have strong feelings on the subject. why don't you write about a non-personal thing you feel strongly about? for instance, if i had to do this essay, it'll be a commentary on some general topic of public concern, i wouldn't be writing about my own personal experiences or anything too personal. so you still get an essay written with conviction, but about a topic that isn't too personal so that if you do get critised, its like 'MEH'.

    hope that helps! [most probably it won't. lol.]

  4. Is it done yet? Like Tanya's thoughts. 'Meh' is such a funny word when viewed in text. Gets my funny bone anyway. I was just thinking, reading your blog, that If I were your teacher I'd look forward to getting to your submission. Gifted you are. Confident you should be. (Excuse my Yoda talk-i jump in and out of his speech pattern for some reason).