Sunday, April 15, 2012

The News

A tv show that I've recently been watching is One News. It features a range of stories in no particular order (to my knowledge..... which is very limited fyi). It makes me feel so many different emotions unlike anything else on television - and it's rarely a nice feeling. Prior to this, 7 Days was my source of current events so it took some adjusting to get used to a non-comedic delivery (the anchors try to make witty remarks but really....).

Spoiler alert.

This boyband, One Direction, who won a singing show, is touring worldwide and they were (or still are, idk) in Australia. Someone on television interviewed them and they also gave these lil' UK boys some pineapple lumps - something they've never heard of before. But oh-em-gee they told these poor ignorant boys that they were an AUSTRALIAN delicacy. Shock. Horror. Gasp. How DARE these mongrels try take something else that is so OBVIOUSLY originated and is iconic in NEW ZEALAND (people-outside-the-Pacific-say-where?). Is THIS what we care about people?! kjfcbsdfli bieacufwbdsljkbwouf dsclvhbjewi2piuqvgcbjf iohgfchueiowpskjxdchfuyrf79yuh23cr89.
Seriously?! THIS is News?!
There's war, poverty, floods, riots, protests, heroes, success - idk. Other pressing matters at hand.
"They'd probably enjoy it more if they knew it was from New Zealand". Why are you mature adults being so petty about this??

Also, on the same show, they reported that there was a competition to give away the last few "golden tickets" to the concert. Tickets that had to be DRIVEN down from Auckland to Wellington (where the competition was being held) because sending via courier wasn't "safe enough". What. The Heck. You're taking up precious time where a legitimate story could've been.

Our family has recently lost a beautiful little girl to her sickness and it's been a very emotional week. So turning on the television to find that THIS is what people cared about enraged me a little. When tragedy strikes - something like fussing over a boyband and their concert that all these screaming girls are "dying" to go to can kinda piss you off.

Like a friend told me - don't watch the News during a rough time. It'll either depress you with the poverty, rape or war or it'll anger you with stupid stories about people who cry over materiel things.

Just an added note - I like One D's songs (What Makes You Beautiful and One Thing) - I just don't like all the fuss and News coverage about them.

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  1. Hi Laura, I watched the news that same night and was sitting there thinking WTF?! What is wrong with this picture? Kids dying all over the world and all they can think about is freakin' pineapple lumps?!.. Seriously, some ppl just have too much time to waste!