Saturday, April 21, 2012

Work Under Pressure

I know it's a common thing for teenagers to leave things to the last minute. And by things I mean homework. We put it off by doing much more important stuff like updating our status or being a socially acceptable cyber stalker. 

I'm like that too and I don't know if it's a thing I should change or you know, work with. Because I work well at very very late hours. 10pm onwards is like prime time for me. I can clean, do homework, it's when my mind is most active. Buzzing with thoughts. Thoughts to blog about, journal or bring up in conversation. 

I did some homework yesterday and it took me an hour to do a practice chemistry exam - WITH ALL MY NOTES. A whole hour. On a fairly easy paper too. I can't help but notice how much more sucky my brain was. I was so.... unmotivated. Just sitting outside on the swing chair with the sun wrapping me in a blanket of warmth. I honestly nearly fell asleep. I closed my eyes for a little while.... but then snapped out of it. 

I work well under pressure. Like at school. Every period is one hour and that full hour is crammed with the lesson's content. We only have one hour to get everything done in. The atmosphere is one that makes me work work work. It feels the same when you leave homework to the last minute and you're on super work mode. That pressure just drives me. But I have this feeling like I'm just making excuses and that I need to apply the pressure myself and get the work done. 

It's that stress that's so exhilarating. I just don't work well in a relaxed environment. Relaxed mood is for relaxation - not work! 

So here I am, with a free Saturday afternoon.....not doing homework. 

Don't forget to be awesome :)

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