Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Double Standards: Holidays

So Valentines Day gets bashed every year for being not real holiday; a day for businesses to make crap loads of money selling chocolates and flowers to lovesick (or apologising) lovers to express artificial love etc. It's a consumerism holiday, they say. If you love someone, you should show them every day not just on February 14, they say.

But I don't hear anyone say that about Mother's or Father's Day. No one complains when nearing Mother's Day, Briscoes and the like fill our television with gift ideas - chocolates, appliances, chick flicks etc. Or when nearing Father's Day we're bombarded with car stores ads, tool shop ads etc. It's like everyone's okay with this double standard. Should we only show our appreciation for our parents (biological or not) on their assigned holiday? Of course not!

People think Valentine's Day gifts are so superficial and just mean more money to big corporations. People who make and sell kitchenware or foot-spas are no different! They're big businesses trying to make money too! They don't have your mum or dad's best interest at heart - they want a profit. And what better time (apart from Christmas Holidays) can they bag a huge profit than Mother's & Father's Day. Where Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts seem culturally mandatory.

"What'd you get for your mum?" is a question always asked. I know this is going to make me sound like a bad child (mum don't hate me), but do we have to buy something? Why is there this unspoken rule where the way to celebrate and honour our parents is to buy them things? But then for a lot of adults, a lot of them live away from their parents so it's a nice a universal reminder to stop for a day and think about your parents and why you're so thankful for them. Whereas they're with their significant other most days (big generalisation) so it has to be a regular thing to express your love and appreciation. I guess.

But in the true spirit of Mother's Day (that was last Sunday), I love you mum! Like heaps. As. Churr.

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  1. totes agree with you on the whole materialistic holiday thingy going on! for the record, i'm an equal oppurtunity basher, i.e. i bash ANY and EVERY holiday advertising that tries to trick me out of buying things for people just because its the holiday. hell to the no!!!