Friday, June 29, 2012

Brain Crack

Brain crack is an idea you have. A brilliant idea. An idea that if executed in the perfect conditions will be amazing. Except, you don't execute the idea. You think ways to make it better, you wait till you have more money, more experience, more familiarity with it, more time, more energy. Because this idea will be spectacular if you can get it just right. But instead of ACTUALLY doing it, it just remains an idea. In your head. It addictive because you keep thinking up of ways to improve it. But you never actually do it because you're not quite ready yet and it might turn into custard. Time gets wasted because instead of using it as a period of improvement and upskilling yourself, you're left with the same ole ability and the ever expanding idea.

This happens to me a lot. With craft stuffs, hair ideas, but especially regarding blog posts.

I think of so many blog topics that I brainstorm and elaborate on. Then I mentally edit it and cut a bit here and there. I change it up a lil' and try to make it just right. The problem is, my brain doesn't let those ideas flow to my fingertips onto the keyboard. My brain just hoards the ideas. Too afraid to release it into the void of the unknown.

What if it's crap? What if I think of a better way to do it? What if people don't like it? What if I don't like it? What if people will look at me differently? What if people take it the wrong way? Have I made myself clear enough to steer clear of miscommunication? Whatifwhatifwhatif......

But what if it's great? What if I get better by doing it more? What if you develop a thicker skin? What if you take a stance alone and find out that it's possible? What if everything goes right?

These questions won't get answers if I don't let out my brain crack. This addiction needs to be rid of. Get my ideas out there and do 'em!

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