Sunday, July 22, 2012

A.D.D Of Sorts

I seem to have A.D.D when I do homework. I constantly switch from one subject to another. I'll do one calculus problem, then answer a bit of my biology question, then read over my chemistry notes, then do another calculus problem then go over last week's physics notes.

I've noticed this resembled frighteningly close to how I browse this amazing universe that is the internet. I'd have a few tabs open with different websites and I'd tab-hop (if that's even a term) from one to another. I'd write a paragraph of a blog, before looking up hairstyles on pinterest then I'd check my fb, return to blogger and write a bit more before watching a YouTube vid then returning to blogger because someone said an idea that I could use. Then I'd read a blog I follow, then I'd read another and another before remembering I was in the middle of writing my own.

This short attention spam is common among us youngins  right? We get bored quickly. We need constant entertainment. Even life without constant music playing into our ears makes this seem boring. We can just sit for a long period of time in the quiet doing one thing. Our lives demand colour, sound, bustling, change all the time.

And I'm just gonna finish up here because I feel like doing something else.

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