Monday, July 30, 2012

Pros And Cons

(Inspired by one of my favourite blogger's, esetasays, recent blog post)

Pro: Competing with my family to see who can make the ugliest face. They make me laugh so much it hurts. 

Con: Hipster Whovians who get all up in my grill about having not seen pre-RTD seasons. Whatevs man.

Pro: Hanging out with my friends doing nothing much but enjoying the company, conversation and of course - laughs.

Con: Not quite managing responsibilities to the best of my ability.

Pro: Singing my lungs out in church and having the music blasted into my ears so I hear nothing but joy of the spirit.

Con: Taking on more than I should.

Pro: My mum who tolerates my grumpy doucheness when she could just smack me over the head for it.

Con: My sister is only in Auckland for about three hours on her way to Samoa this week.

Pro: She'll be in Auckland for about three hours on her way to Samoa!!

Con: Not having sleeping patterns that are in sync (lol) with the education system.

Pro: Unexpected kindness. 

Con: Perpetual fatigue.

Pro: Bloggers and vloggers who I cyber korero with.

Con: English assignment.

Pro: Finding a Craccum somewhere and reading it (well duh, what else whould I do with it?). Craccum is one of the biggest reasons I wanna go to UoA (but it's not quite a big enough reason).

Con: Writing this blog instead of doing other, more important things.

Pro: Searching something up on Google with very vague words but finding exactly what I needed because other people also searched it up using the same vagueness and general idea. 
"You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you're not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald
Although, I'm pretty sure he wasn't referring to Google searches.


  1. Firstly, honoured that my posts would be considered as inspirational! Haha

    Secondly, I loved Craccum last year. It's okay this year but not the same I guess. HAHA! I love how you know about it! Also, I could be your Crac dealer? LOL!

    Thirdly, love this post in general. Awesome, happy vibes! Especially the family moments and singing hardcore in church? <3 it


  2. Omg please be my dealer!! I'll be forever indebted to you!

    Eeee! Thanks! You don't know how much it means to me that you like my posts - because I'm a ginormous fan of yours!! :D


  3. I don't know why I check this so late! I have your first Crac-edition!!! Woot!

    Wow, never had a fan before! LOL! I'm a big fan of YOURS!


    1. LOL! and

      :O :O :O!!! I'm SO getting that off you! Message me back with rendezvous details and it's a date! Or... just pass it onto K but that's not as fun. lol!

      hahaha mutual fan-girling, that's a first! XD

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