Saturday, July 7, 2012

Talking To People

I don't like small talk, pleasantries or whatever else you call them. I'm a person that cares too much. I either care too much, or not at all. Which leaves no room for small, seemingly meaningless talk.

When someone asks how my day was and isn't prepared to listen to how it really was, I get annoyed (although, then there are those who do actually care but I don't have a response ready for them. Sorry 'bout that. I just really don't like that question). I'm aware that my caring about this is the anomaly in society, it still baffles me that people say "Hey, how are ya?" WHILE WALKING AWAY. Walking away! "How are you?" is a question, not a greeting. Questions generally require answers - unless it's rhetorical. And people can't be asking me rhetorically if I'm fine... right?

I like elaborating on ideas. Discussing, challenging, reinforcing or inquiring about them. Which is limited with new people. Because I like that thing they call the comfort zone. That zone of familiarity with someone. Where you can speak your mind and know you're not being judged (or at least, you know how they will judge you and it's okay). I like to know where I'm at with people so I know the limits of what I can and cannot say. Which is one reason talking to new people freaks me out. Because new people means starting from scratch; sussing out what they like and dislike and the general conversation topics that keeps their tongue going. I hate dead conversations and trying to spark up new topics when others fail.

But where there is great risk, comes great reward. Because sometimes you come across people who, you may only have one conversation with, but enrich your life that little bit more. Someone who is unlike anyone else you've met and you feel so grateful to have known them, if only slightly.

There's this one boy who I met who's weirdness kind of reminded me of myself (although, he's a bit weirder). He totally understood my struggle of deciding which flavoured sandwich (is that how sandwiches are described?) to eat and said he gets it too. I felt so normal. He liked different music to most teenagers I know, didn't know who 1D were and referred to Justin Bieber as "that Canadian guy" followed by "I thought his name was Josh for some strange reason". Talking to him opened my eyes to how different humans can be. I mean, I know that in theory but usually different people are only on television and movies. To meet someone who knows how to and enjoys the Waltz is just fascinating. And I didn't even ask for his name. Woops.

So meeting new people is not a thing I like to do. But is a thing I enjoy SOMETIMES once I, or someone else, pushes myself to do it.

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  1. Love this post Laura! Next time you see this 'weird' boy - get his name : )