Sunday, July 8, 2012

Word Vomit

Note: I know this is not good writing as far as structure and conveying of ideas goes. All you English thriving people, forgive me. But if you try, I'm sure you'll find something worth reading in there! Cheers :)

When I was younger, the world was more black and white. There were good guys, there were bad guys. Cinderella - good. Stepmothers and her daughters - bad. There was right (whatever my parents told me to do) and there was wrong (disobeying my parents). There were nice people (my aunties) and there were scary people (most adults from my home village). Things were much simpler although I didn't know it at the time.

However, growing up has tendency to make me see things in a different light and shades of grey are illuminated. The good guys and bad guys now have dimensions to them. You put yourself in the shoes of the mother from My Sister's Keeper and tell me what you'll do. And I guarantee you'll find someone who would do otherwise. Snape. 'Nuff said. Right and wrong are fuzzy and complex and right to someone may be wrong to someone else. Or what's right for you now may be wrong for you ten years from now, or even a week from now. Yeah, sitting down, relaxing is okay for now. However, it's not for everyday as work needs to get done and productivity needs to happen. Killing someone who called you ugly is not advised. However, a soldier in a war defending his country from invasion is a different kind of killing is it not? Nice people don't all come in picture perfect packages and you wouldn't discover their niceness until you give them the time of day.

This may have sounded like meaningless rambling (my brain isn't quite switched on today), but the point is, some things are concrete like - don't fart in people's faces. But few things are. But I think I should always try and do what's right rather than trying to keep clear from what's wrong because what I look at takes up most of my vision.

So many teenagers ask questions like "is it wrong to do weed?" or "is drinking okay" or "should I have a girlfriend/boyfriend in high school?" etc etc etc. But we're looking at the wrong side people. We should be looking at what we should be doing. Because usually what's right automatically contradicts what's wrong. But again, this principle is not set in stone and there's an exception to everything. But I believe that pursuing love, forgiveness, hope, grace is better than trying to skim through life always bordering but not quite crossing the line of what we think we shouldn't do.

But if you dig deeper, you'd know that what we do are not random acts we do for no reason. There are forces, decision making, neuron activity that dictates what our physical body performs. There is mental activity that sends signals to each part of your body to act. There are emotions and attitudes that have potential to dictate your every move.

But there is you. You are more than your emotions. Everyone has those, animals, Vulcans, humans. Everyone feels sad, angry, happy, sexual attraction. That's chemical reactions that go bizzerk without our permission. But you, and I, are so much more than emotions. Because we can decide what to do with them. Emotions don't define us, not if we don't want them to. Married people who have remained faithful required a daily decision to ignore attraction to other people who are easy on the eyes. People who redirect their anger to productivity like art, blogs or theraputic conversation overcome the bitterness the threatens to eat them up.

I don't bottom line here, this post has wandered from its inital topic. My brain latches on to different ideas and my fingers follow suit. Hope you enjoyed my rambling.

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