Sunday, September 2, 2012

Someone Like Me

Sometimes A lot of the time, I wish I knew someone who thinks and overthinks like I do. I mean, I know of a few people but none in real life that I can talk to on a regular basis. Don't get me wrong, I love talking to my friends and family and stuff but it would be nice to talk about the inner workings of my brain and not have someone say "Woah, you're so weird right," or "that's so interesting the way you think about stuff" or "man, I don't even get you but it's fun to watch you talk about stuff no one thinks about".

I mean, it's extremely flattering when people tell me I fascinate them and it's fun to see the look on other people's faces when they've stopped keeping up with my crazy nonsensical thoughts. But I would love to be talking to someone and they'd be on the same page as me, they'd be nodding along and their face would glow with anticipation because they'd have drawn conclusions on the matter and couldn't wait to hear my opinion of it so we could discuss it together.

I have a person in mind to talk to about my craziness but I'm so hesitant to approach them because once I tell a little thing about my thoughts, my brain's like, "oh, okay, flush ALL your thoughts out - got it!". I have large talking inertia. It's hard to change the current state of it (which is silence). But once that's overcome, it's hard to stop. Also, crying is a thing that happens. I cry easily. VERY easily - I think they have a term for it... aha, yes... cry baby. But not like Johnny Depp, much less cool than that (because we all thought that movie was cool right?? lol)!

So yeah, it'll be cool to talk to someone who didn't make me feel weird. And I know there are lots of nice people who are willing to talk with me and be nice and try not to offend me, but it's still not the same as someone who I didn't have to try explain myself to  - they'd just... get it.

Or maybe I'm just being way too emo about this and my thoughts are not as complicated as I make them out to be and many people could empathise perfectly with me and I just should just stop being a drama queen. But I just need to talk to SOMEONE right. Like Rihanna once said, shut up and drive.

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