Thursday, October 4, 2012

Books Give Me Feelings

Sometimes, I hate it when my book characters are given faces of celebrities. (Not always but) I have these misplaced feelings of ownership and anyone who tries to define their aesthetics should be damned.

Sometimes I laugh, gasp and cry with my fictional characters. Sometimes I forget I'm in public during these reactions. Always I get embarassed.

Sometimes I hate that these people don't exist in the physical world and aren't my closest friends.

Sometimes I have all the feels of the world that I can't spekjfsaehcnjavcndjuerafcdkjnhvcnasd

Sometimes I just want the whole world to read it so they understand.

But other times, I feel selfish like it's my own secret and no one else should be in on it else they'd ruin it.

Dear every fictional character I've had a crush on - can you have a talk to all the real life guys I know please and teach them a thing or two?

I wish books were cheap in New Zealand - it sucks watching people from the UK and USA getting them cheap as....

First world problems? lol

Good night :)


  1. I absolutely love this! youre totally not alone in this ....all that fictional gorgeousness and then you look around and the boyses are anything BUT like the hottie in the book...faamaimaukaimi.,. lol.
    ah well, its why some people drink lots, it makes their own gorilla turn into Fabio from Italia. bahaha!

    1. teehee - thank goodness it's not just me! LOL!!